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Year Groups

Baby Room


Within the baby and 2-3 room staff are guided by the Pre-Birth to Three Curriculum.  Pre-Birth to Three identifies Rights of the Child, Relationships, Responsive Care and Respect as the key principles of effective practice.


Our baby room has been specially designed to provide a bright, warm, cosy and well equipped environment for babies from 6 weeks until they are around the age of 2 years, when they will progress on to our 2-3 department.


At TLC we know just how important quality childcare for your baby is we therefore promise that we will do out utmost to care for your infant in the way that you would want her/him cared for. We endeavour also to follow your explicit instructions with regards to feeding and sleep time to ensure that we follow the routines that you have created in your home.


Our aim is to work in partnership with all parents and carers and in order to begin the process of forming positive relationships you and your baby will be welcomed into the playroom each morning.


TLC fully recognise that it is not easy to trust your infant to the care of another person and we wish to emphasise that the staff in the baby unit have been carefully chosen for their pleasure derived from working with babies in conjunction with dedication towards the welfare of children. The majority of staff in our baby room have childcare qualifications or are training towards gaining them.  All students are closely supervised at all times) and, are therefore more than able to provide your baby with the care, stimulation and love he/she needs.


The carers will ensure that every baby has lots of TLC and one to one time. We guarantee to ensure that your baby will have all their feed, rest periods, suitable play/sensory and stimulation towards achieving their developmental milestones.


As your baby progresses play becomes more identifiable and therefore the emphasis is on physical activity. We plan our specific toddler activities for ‘play with a purpose’. During this age and stage of development there are many joyous and physical and developmental milestones such as learning to crawl, to walk and to talk. All such achievements will be recorded in your child's developmental folder.


As your baby grows and develops they will have the opportunity to take part in a wider range of activities and our baby room is very well equipped with much educational toys and playthings to encourage their learning. Your child will also be taken on daily outings, weather permitting – or be given the opportunity to spend time in play within the baby rooms own garden area or in our large, well equipped and safety surfaced secure garden area.


All of our chidren have their own personal record of achievements book in which we record each days account and more importantly any developmental milestone achievements they make.  The Record of Achievement book will also include many photographs of your child and will be given to the parent or carer as a keepsake when they leave the baby room.



We have a separate sleeping room area adjacent to the baby room in order that your baby can enjoy the benefits of restful and undisturbed sleep.



To maximise our strict hygeine control within the centre, we also have a separate area specifically for the purpose of nappy changes.




Staff to child ratios within the baby room are one to three.


2-3 Years

Within the toddler age group, play becomes more identifiable so the emphasis is on physical activity. With this in mind we plan our specific toddler activities for ‘play with a purpose’. During this age and stage of development there are incredible and joyous physical milestones to look forward to such as the development of speech and gaining the ability to communicate with others.


By using educational aids and other toys such as trucks and trundle toys we can open up our big wide world for your children to safely explore and increase their physical awareness.  At this stage we ensure that children are given much assistance to learn about the world they live in and early science and mathermatics are introduced through planned activities and outings.


Encouragement and praise play a significant part of the TLC approach, as toddlers become more able to take part we respond with focus on self-care activities as part of day to day play, such as dressing up, allowing them to feed themselves, which are all essential towards their growth in deveopinf skills dor life. ‘Messy’ play, hide and seek and memory games in the nursery are introduced to start to develop exploration of space and new textures, which promote learning, personal choice and of course lots and lots of fun.


Hats, bags and giant boxes are just some of the objects we use to encourage imagination and creativity during playtimes with music, picture books and finger rhymes develop listening skills, rhythm and sound recognition.




Staff to children ratios within the 2-3 room are one to five.

Pre-School Room

In our pre-school department we are guided by The Scottish Executive A Curriculum For Excellence, the aims of which are to promote active learning in the early years.  Since it's inception, the aspiration of The Curriculum for excellence is to ensure that all children are given the utmost encouragement towards developing their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.


TLC recognise the importance of providing children with the best standards of education, which is appropriate to their age. We also consider that every child has individual needs and their own way of learning but in their own time and pace. That is why we place great importance on continued staff training and curriculum in terms of national and local curriculum guidelines.


Our main focus is learning through creativity and play, using holistic and natural materials and activities which promote understanding and importance of our environment. We ensure that each child has regular contact with trees, plants, animals and other elements of the natural environment such as sand, soil, rocks and water. We also put much emphasis on teaching care and concern for others, manners, respect for our cultural diversity and for ourselves.




After School

All children attending after-care are collected from school and are provided with a snack on arrival at the centre.  We provide a variety of healthy and nutritious snacks and these are sometimes prepared by the children themselves.


The philosophy of After School Care at TLC is that children should be allowed time for unstructured play after their school day, in a safe, warm and caring environment where all children feel they are special and that they belong.  We also provide many fun and learning activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, active sports activities, creativity, music, reading, occasional television, and games. Our after-care room has direct access into our large garden area, which has safety surfacing.


If your child is required homework, staff will offer assistance when requested.

School Holiday Care


The school holiday play-scheme covers most school breaks, except for those during the festive period between Christmas and New Year, when we close for two weeks.


The emphasis of the play scheme will be fun fun fun, with a wide and varied activity programme most of which will be devised by the children themselves. We are open to all feasible suggestions including for example: trips to the beach, to leisure parks or to the cinema. When not on outings children will be encouraged, weather permitting, to spend time doing activities outdoors in our secure garden area.


Children attending our after-care department will be given priority in our school holiday play-scheme