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Pre-School Room


In our pre-school department we are guided by The Scottish Executive document A Curriculum For Excellence, the aims of which are to promote active learning in the early years.


Since it's inception, the aspiration of The Curriculum for excellence is to ensure that all children are given the utmost encouragement towards developing their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.


TLC recognise the importance of providing children with the best standards of education, which is appropriate to their age. We also take into consideration that every child has individual needs and their own way and pace of learning and subsequently - we place great importance on continued staff training and the curriculum in terms of national and local guidelines.


Our main focus is learning through creativity and play, using holistic and natural materials and activities, which promote understanding and importance of our environment. We ensure that each child has regular contact with trees, plants, animals and other elements of the natural environment such as sand, soil, rocks and water. We also put much emphasis on teaching  care and concern for others, manners, respect for our cultural diversity.




Staff to child ratios within our pre-school room are one to eight.