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Parents and carers are welcome to come to the hall/cloakroom area where each child will have a labelled peg. A member of staff will mark your child present on the register and you will also be required to sign your child in and out.


Nursery staff must be informed if any other person is to collect a child and the nominated person will be asked to confirm a password, which the parent will have given when informing that the child is to be collected by another person.


Our aim is to work in partnership with parents and carers and you are welcome to browse the children's work or to offer any assistance, which will enhance the children's learning.


At the end of the session parents and carers are welcome to have an informal chat with staff about what activities your child has taken part in and how they are progressing in general.


If there are any issues at home, which may adversely affecting your child, we ask that you inform staff. TLC has a robust Confidentiality Policy and you can be assured that any sensitive matters discussed will remain confidential.



It is very important that parents and carers report absences and we ask that they call in the morning if the child will not be attending and keep us informed if any illness or any other reason will result in a child having a prolonged period of absence.



As children are very often involved in active physical play, we ask that they be dressed in comfortable clothing, which allows freedom of movement.


Children should also have a pair of slippers or comfortable footwear to change into from their outdoor shoes and have waterproof coats and Wellingtons for rainy days.


During the summer months all children must have sun-cream and sun hat.



If your child requires any prescribed medication parents and carers must inform staff and sign an Administering Medication form. Please note that you must have administered the first dose of any medication to your child prior to asking nursery staff to medicate your child.



In the case of any child having an ailment, which may be infectious, our policy dictates that they do not return to nursery until they are fully recovered.



East Dunbartonshire Council has clear procedures for nursery staff should any issue considered to be Child Protection occur. These mandatory procedures are incorporated in TLC's Child Protection Policy, which instructs any member of staff to report any concerns to the attention of the centre manager or assistant manager who must then notify East Dunbartonshire Social Work Department. It is then the decision of Social services as to whether or not to proceed with an investigation relating to the child.



TLC recognise that many different people can contribute to the development of our young learners and certainly that none more so than parents and carers themselves.



All qualified members of staff are trained in First Aid and are on hand to deal with any accidents within the nursery. Any minor incidents will be reported to the parent/carer when the child is collected. More serious incidents or injuries will be reported promptly to the parent/carer or emergency contact should the former be unavailable. Parents/carers will be required to give signed consent for urgent medical attention.



· Informal discussions with staff when dropping off or collecting your child.
· Library books on loan from the nursery.
· Parental Quality Assurance Questionnaires.
· Notice Board or Newsletters.
· Parent/Carer volunteers to participate in working in Nursery to assist in taking forward new ideas.
· Excursions.
· Induction meetings.
· Parent Group participation


It is TLC policy to promote positive behaviour and we endeavour to achieve this by various methods such as:

· Continuous use of praise and positive reinforcement.
· Encouraging children to respect others.
· Encouraging children to respect property.


· Encourage independence
· Encourage sharing
· Encourage healthy habits in diet, exercise and hygiene
· Read together and talk about books often
· Talk about words, letters or numbers in the environment
· Play sorting or matching games e.g. big things/little things
· Count and talk about numbers often
· Encourage listening to music, singing stories and rhymes
· Encourage expression and development of hand-eye co-ordination through drawing, painting, modelling and cut and stick activities.


Above all give your child copious amounts of praise when they are behaving well or achieving and be consistent in terms of addressing inappropriate behaviour.



Many children experience difficulties at some point during their education. For many such difficulties are temporary and are resolved as they develop.


If our staff identify difficulties we would in the first instance consult with the parent/carer and if deemed necessary seek advice and support from the appropriate external agency such as speech and language therapist's or psychological services.


If your child requires additional support the nursery staff will monitor his/her progress very carefully and ensure that an Individual Educational Programme (IEP) is in place.


If an IEP is in place then regular reviews will take place and all interested parties will participate in the discussion about the progress being made, the targets to be set and the next steps in your child's learning.




Your child's progress will be recorded within a folder, which will include some photographs and evidence of their work. Although these folders are kept in nursery, please feel free to request to see them at any time. The folder will be given to you when your child leaves pre-school and is a wonderful memento of their early education and time at TLC.



TLC aim to provide high quality services to the community. Should you feel, however, that we are not meeting the high standards you expect, it is of paramount importance to us that you let us know.


If you have a complaint, you should in the first instance speak to your child's room manager.

If you feel that the problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may wish to make an appointment with the manager or, alternatively put your complaint in writing for her attention.


If you feel that the manager has not dealt with your complaint to your satisfaction, you may wish to make a complaint in writing to East Dunbartonshire Council Early Years section. A leaflet outlining the Council's Complaints Procedure can be found in the TLC policies & Procedure File, which is situated within the Parent's/Carer's reading section in the centre's hallway.


We work in partnership with The Care Commission, who inspect our service and work practices annually. The Care Commission can be contacted at:


Care Inspectorate
Central West Region
4th Floor
1 Smithhills Street