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2-3 Years

Within the toddler age group, play becomes more identifiable so the emphasis is on physical activity. With this in mind we plan our specific toddler activities for ‘play with a purpose’.



During this age and stage of development there are incredible and joyous physical milestones to look forward to such as the development of speech and subsequent ability to communicate with others.



By using educational aids and other toys such as trucks and trundle toys we can open up our big wide world for your children to safely explore and increase their physical awareness.



Encouragement and praise play a significant part of the TLC approach, as toddlers become more able to take part we respond with focus on self-care activities as part of day to day play, such as dressing up, allowing them to feed themselves, etc all essential to their growing skills.



‘Messy’ play, hide and seek and memory games in the nursery are introduced to start to develop exploration of space and new textures, which manage and supervised promote respect and personal choice and of course lots and lots of fun.



Hats, bags and giant boxes are just some of the objects we use to encourage imagination and creativity during playtimes with music, picture books and finger rhymes develop listening skills, rhythm and sound recognition.




Staff to child ratios within our 2-3 room are one to five.